knob washer kit

knob washer kit

Want your poi knobs to be heavier? Get some of these metal washers for adding weight to your knob handles. We have several different washer sizes to fit all the styles of cord and knobs we offer - please reference the table in the description, so you can choose the right size washers for your rig!

Comes with:

  • washers (number varies depending on knob/cord options)
  • installation string
What You'll Get

Washers come in 3 different inner diameters (ID) to accommodate different types of leashes, and 2 different outer diameters (OD) to accommodate our 2 different knobs:

  • ID/6mm: compatible with flowcord, phatty, smithy and paracord
  • ID/10mm: compatible with FPC
  • ID/11mm: compatible with static rope
  • OD/19-20mm: compatible with play knobs
  • OD/25mm: compatible with element knobs

Which washer kit should you get? Check tables below:

Play or POM grip KNOB/ Cord # washers/knob and /kit Weight
Smithy/6mm8 washers/knob, 16 per kit21g max per knob
FPC/10mm 8 washers/knob, 16 per kit 22g max per knob

ELEMENT KNOB/ Cord # washers/knob and /kit Weight
Smithy/6mm17 washers/knob, 34 per kit65g max per knob
FPC/10mm17 washers/knob, 34 per kit 60g max per knob
Static/11mm15 washers/knob, 30 per kit 25g max per knob
Features & Tech Specs

WASHER SPECS: thickness may vary

Play/ POM grip weight dimensions
Smithy/6mm~3g7.75 x 18.75 mm
FPC/10mm~2.75g10.55 x 20.6 mm

ELEMENT weightdimensions
Smithy/6mm~4.25g7.25 x 25.4 mm
FPC/10mm~3.6g10.55 x 25.4 mm
Static/11mm~1.6g11.8 x 18.9 mm

Knob washer weight variance: Different cords use washers with different inner diameters, so the weight of the washers will vary depending on the cord you choose. Washers also vary in thickness, so there may be some variation in knob weight, even if you have the same number of washers in each knob.


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