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Congratulations! You have poi, and you are about to embark on a journey of joyful learning and discovery. Poi can be your movement meditation, means of creative expression, medium for technical mastery, or simply a fun way to get your ya-yas out.

Whatever your trajectory in the world of poi, you are going to need some technique, and you have come to the right place.

Click on the button below to get started with some free tips and lessons. Once you've mastered the basics, we recommend taking one of the online courses below, or getting a DVD to help you take your poi skills to the next level. Happy spinning!

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getting started - adjust your leash

Step 1 is adjusting your poi length. Here are some helpful tips for finding a length that works well for you.

getting started - how to grip your poi

Different grips help you spin in different ways. Let’s address this invaluable, often overlooked, piece of poi technique.

getting started - planes

Planes are a fundamental concept of spinning any prop. Understanding planes means you’ll have control of your poi, your spinning will look cleaner, and learning moves will be made easier.

basic poi moves - timing & direction

There are four different modes of timing and direction. Basically every poi move stems from these 4 modes of spinning. With these roots in the ground, everything else will stem forth, and you’ll already start to feel at one with your poi.

basic poi moves - forward 3-beat weave

This is the standard, iconic poi move. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the meaning of a weave, beats, and the technique for doing the forward 3-beat with grace and flow.

basic poi moves - turns & reels

Let’s start moving! Turns and reels will get you moving comfortably while weaving your poi around your body. Already, you’re opening up the ability to dance with your poi.

basic poi moves - butterfly

Here’s a move that will get you thinking in a different timing and a different plane. With the poi in front of your body, you’ll create the illusion that the poi are bouncing off one another.

basic poi moves - corkscrew & windmill

The corkscrew is a 2-beat weave on the floor-plane (spinning horizontally, parallel with the floor).