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Both flowlight and capsule lights are modular and can be used in flowtoys systems to enable the creation of poi, staffs, juggling, martial props and more.

Flowlights were the first rechargeable LED glowstick and run on 1AAA (optimized for rechargeables). The new flowlight-FS are a bright, beautiful, revolutionary LED lightstick with many amazing adjustable modes, kinetic awareness and more - they also make great fashion accessories and safety lights.

The all new capsule 2.0 lights feature wireless connect technology that allows you to control and sync your lights wirelessly. Custom high-temp LEDs allow you to shine 10x brighter with brightness control. 80 adjustable modes, and a whole host of other features give you an infinite palette of opportunities for practice, play and performance. A microUSB charge-port, all-night runtime and a variety of charging options, make it a breeze to keep your props running at festivals and travel. USB firmware update-ability allows you to update remotely when we release new features.

  • capsule 2

    introducing the all new capsule 2.0

    We are so stoked to present the all new capsule 2.0! This really is the most amazing little LED light unit with so many features to help you shine brighter, connect with each other, and illuminate your flow lifestyle, and it's now finally available!

    - 64 customizable modes
    - full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
    - hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs
    - global brightness control
    - accelerometer response aka kinetic awareness 2.0
    - wireless control, syncing & connectivity
    - USB rechargeable and firmware update-able
    - user-replaceable battery
    - super durable & lifetime warranty

    Capsule lights are highly modular, and fit in all flowtoys tubes and interface with the flowcap and the podshell to enable you to create a variety of LED props like podpoi, contact poi, contact staffs, flower sticks, nunchucks and more.

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    capsule lights

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  • flowlight® - FS

    flowlight® - full spectrum

    Revolutionary rechargeable LED glowstick, the flowlight-FS was born of a passion for beauty and movement, and engineered to meet the need for a high-performance light source for kinetic activities.

    Flowlights fit in all flowtoys tubes and crystal cases to create a modular system of poi, staffs and martial arts LED toys. 

    With 30 adjustable modes, accelerometer response, super bright LEDs in a unique organic design, the flowlight is the ultimate LED lightstick. 

    Great for LED flow props, raves and festivals, and for camping, personal safety lighting, bike lighting, fashion accessory and generally illuminating your life with light and beauty. 


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