pod launcher 3000


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Introducing the pod launcher 3000. This consciously designed flow firearm is guaranteed to take your poi to new heights!


  • pneumatic hair trigger
  • detachable barrel measuring 37" x 3"
  • transparent barrel for optimal projectile viewing
  • pressure gauge, fill port, overpressure release valve
  • over 100 yard range
  • 110psi high-capacity tank
  • barrel-mounted sight
  • activated shiny things
  • powered by any compressed gas
  • launch up to 8 podlights at once
  • launches t-shirts, stuffed toys, potatoes and more!
  • durable, rechargeable, lifetime warranty
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  • Description

    Each pod launcher 3000 ships with 4 podlight projectiles + microUSB cables for charging, and a FREE "travel charger", perfect for festivals and on-the-go air compression.

    Caution: The pod launcher 3000 is not suitable for children and demands the same cautions and responsibilities as anything capable of destroying things and people at the push of a button. Respectful, considerate, cautious, conscious and kind adult supervision is required during operation. It is your responsibility to educate and control yourself when doing things that might affect other people.

    Double caution: This is an April's Fools joke :)