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Wirelessly connected, full pixel LED chucks are now a thing with the all new flowtoys vision® chucks!

Made with the same durable housing as the flowchucks, the new vision chucks have stunning customizable modes, wireless sync and control, adjustable brightness, motion response, and so many more attributes that make them amazing. Plus they have flowtoys connect technology and can connect to many other flowtoys props, including staffs, chucks, juggling clubs and more!

Sold as a set.

1 week lead time: We have a handful ready-to-ship, but when they're sold out, we will need the lead time to make more. Vision chucks are made in small batches. Even if you choose Express shipping, your chucks may not leave our workshop until 1 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen for you.

What You'll Get

Each set of chucks includes:

  • 1x vision® chucks housing w/ 2x polycarbonate tubes, paracord loops and tube-cord connectors
  • 2x vision core 16 light engine
  • 2x flowcaps with vision cap adaptor
  • 1x 2.5mm hex key
  • 2x usb cables
  • 1x usb adaptor
  • 1x flowtoys bag

Note About Flowchucks

While the modular system enables us to create an illuminated prop resembling nunchaku, these are not traditional nunchaku. They are a toy designed for object manipulation and play, not a weapon. Regardless, the legality of nunchaku is questionable in some states - please check local regulations before purchasing.

Features & Tech Specs

Vision Features:

  • 80 customizable modes
  • autoplay, auto sleep/wake power save feature, multiple accelerometer response types, brightness control & more
  • save up to 60 modes in favorites
  • 2 additional show pages of up to 60 modes each
  • wireless connectivity and control
  • usb rechargeable
  • usb firmware update-able
  • flowtoys connect technology means your vision props can connect to many other flowtoys props, including staffs, chucks, juggling clubs and more
  • super durable and backed with our industry-leading lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

Length of chuck:

 28cm (just tube + flowcap), 29.6cm (including cord connector)

Weight (each side):


Chucks cord:

4.5" standard paracord connector loops
The (loop-halved) length of each paracord connector loop is a standard 4.5", but you get 3' of extra paracord to customize the handle to your preferred length.

Cord connectors:

  • Material: sainsmart
  • Dimensions: 22mm inside the tube | 36mm total length
  • custom 3D-printed cylinders with a unique anti-pinch tapered top
  • designed for flowcord, paracord and other ~6mm cord to be inserted through the connector & secured with a washer and finished knot
  • pre-installed with a loop of paracord that you can link together to create a strong, secure flexible connection between any 2 flowtoys tubes, for a variety of props, including chucks and tri-sectionals


M3 x 6mm | steel | socket head | hex drive (2.5mm) | 6mm length | M3-0.5 Metric Coarse Threads


Dart Conversion Kit

Remove the limits to your martial flow journey with this convenient dart conversion kit! Instantly transform one (or both!) of your chucks into a rope dart with the dart conversion kit, which includes a ripstop laser-cut nylon dart flag and 12' of braided cotton rope with knotted handle. No need for a dart loop - the dart rope will come pre-assembled for easy linking through a chuck loop!

Poi Converters

Super convenient paracord loops with Play knob handles that can be easily slipped through chuck loops and knotted to instantly transform your chucks into a super sweet pair of vision poi.

Bridge for connecting to the app:

Want to use the flowtoys connect app? You'll need a small hardware bridge to enable your props to talk to your mobile device and vice versa.

We have 2 options for bridges:

  • Pocket bridge comes with its own power bank and can be used when you're out and about.
  • USB bridge is great for home use. Just plug into power via usb.

You can find out more about the app and bridge here.

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  • 1/2/2021

    Extremely durable, great fun

    I bought a pair about a year ago. They have somehow survived all of my abuse this long. The only issue that I had with mine was 3 of the 4 connectors that pair the chucks with the rope broke within 30 seconds of me opening the package. I quickly got some replacement ones and they have lasted me the entire year with no issues though so I'm pretty sure it was just a one off bad batch of connectors. I'm totally comfortable with them now and have nothing bad to say about the chucks. The plastic cases have been abused by me throughout the year. I've smashed them into walls, hardwood floors, rocks, the opposite chucks, etc all on accident of course, but definitely with force. There is not a single visible crack which speaks to the quality and durability. There are no non-functional lights either despite the abuse.

    In terms of specs, each stick is about 11 inches long and weighs 100g. The end mass-cap that comes with it is about 35 grams. Without the cap they are very well balanced. I personally don't like the caps or use them. I bought some 1 inch rubber pvc pipe caps off Amazon for like $3 and use clear tape to hold them in place. Works like a charm if you'd rather go that route. If you do that though I'd suggest getting a remote with the chucks to sync everything together to make it easier to turn them on and off. If you have the cheap $15 foam dragon chucks from Amazon for training then these (without the mass caps) weigh
    basically the exact same and are maybe an inch shorter. It makes it very comfortable to switch between the pairs for training and flowing. Battery life is several hours as long as you aren't on the brightness 5 setting. On B5 you can still get over an hour though. You can adjust the cord length easily by simply unscrewing the ends and swapping out the 550 cord (or whatever cord material you prefer) and then screwing them back on. I have let mine charge over the night with no issues so far, but I don't constantly leave them charging. I'm not 100% sure if you can do that, but I haven't noticed anything bad from not being super diligent about pulling them off as soon as they are fully charged.

    Honestly these are great products and I'd highly recommend them.

  • 3/22/2020

    Sturdy and sweet

    Vision Chucks are great! Flowtoys chucks are without a doubt my favorite flow tool.

    Super solid with lots of color options, and I really like being able to group them so I'm not having to press multiple buttons every time I want to change something. And adding the new travel loops and cord connectors makes them a lot more versatile since you can make them into other tools or combine them with fire props.

    I've had mine since shortly after the vision chucks were released, and have abused them thoroughly without any issues.
    Compared to the 4 capsule chuck versions these are a little lighter, and are easier to charge since they dont come apart and require fewer cords.

    Highly recommended!