vision chucks-dart-poi kit

vision chucks-dart-poi kit

Free your inner flow juggernaut with this epic modular vision kit, while saving hundreds of dollars!

Vision chucks feature paracord loops at each end that easily slip through one another for nunchaku action on the go, and separate for legal transport.

Add a flowmass to each stick and pull the paracord poi handle converters through the loops for instant poi, or attach the braided cotton rope & flag for ninja-tastic vision dart play!

Sold as a kit, as shown in photo. Some assembly required.

1-2 week lead time:  This kit is made to order - even if you choose Express shipping, your kit may not leave our factory until 1-2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering.

What You'll Get

This epic martial flow kit includes:

  • 2x vision core 16 light engines in polycarbonate tube housing w/ tube-cord adaptors & paracord loops
  • 2x flowcaps with vision cap adaptor
  • 2x poi convertor leashes - paracord loops with Play knob handles
  • 1x lasercut ripstop nylon dart flag
  • 1x 14' cotton braided dart rope, pre-knotted for easy installation on 1 end and comfy handle at the other
  • 2x flowmass (option to add extra mass)
  • 1x capsule 2.0 remote with loop & flowtoys mini 'biner - option to add a retractable reel
  • 1x hex key
  • 2x usb cables
  • 1x flowtoys drawstring bag
  • endless hours of martial exploration and bad-assery!

Note About Flowchucks

While the modular system enables us to create an illuminated prop resembling nunchaku, these are not traditional nunchaku. They are a toy designed for object manipulation and play, not a weapon. Regardless, the legality of nunchaku is questionable in some states - please check local regulations before purchasing.

Features & Tech Specs


  • get 3 epic vision martial flow rigs in 1
  • save tons of money with this amazing discounted modular kit
  • vision dart will elevate your dart play to new levels with its excellent handling and the amazing vision core light engine
  • vision poi strikes the perfect balance between light effects and poi performance handling - long enough for an incredible show, but short enough to handle perfectly as actual poi
  • wirelessly connected, full pixel LED chucks are now a thing with the all new flowtoys vision chucks - made with the same super-durable housing as our industry-leading flowchucks

Vision Features:

  • 80 customizable modes + save up to 60 modes in favorites
  • autoplay, auto sleep/wake power save feature, multiple accelerometer response types, brightness control & more
  • save up to 60 modes in favorites
  • 2 additional show pages of up to 60 modes each
  • wireless connectivity and control
  • usb rechargeable
  • usb firmware update-able
  • flowtoys connect technology means your vision props can connect to many other flowtoys props, including staffs, chucks, juggling clubs and more
  • super durable and backed with our industry-leading lifetime warranty

What it means to be in beta:

  • modes are still being developed to poi-specific movements
  • documentation is still not developed
  • warranty details are being finalized
  • we'll invite your feedback through surveys


The vision dart is durable, but there's a lot of sensitive electronics at the end of a very long tether and nothing is indestructible. This dart is amazing for performance, but is not meant to take repeatedly impacts on hard surfaces. We are still determining the limits during this beta phase. We do not recommend this dart for beginners.

Tech Specs

Vision Dart Specs (16 pixel)

  • Dart head weight (each side): ~162g
    Option to add 30g with extra flowmass (spin16 only)
  • Dart head length (w/ flowcap): 31cm [~12"]
  • Dart flag: 1g | 32.5cm x 28cm
  • Dart head composition: Polycarbonate tube, cord connector and vision core light engine, silicone flowcap with internal 3D-printed vision core adaptor, polyurethane flowmass
  • Dart loop: loop of braided paracord, 1g; no o-ring needed, rope knot slips into loop
  • Dart leash: braided cotton cord 4m/14' length with loop

Vision Chucks Specs

  • Length of chuck head w/ flowcap: 31cm
  • Weight (each side): ~137g

Vision Poi Specs (16 pixel)

  • Poi head length w/ flowcap: 31cm / ~12"
  • Poi head weight: 132g
    Option to add 30g with flowmass
  • Leashes: paracord loops with Play knob handles
    Because of the modularity of this rig, the vision poi conversion uses paracord rather than the 6mm braided leash that comes with vision poi, allowing you to use them separately as poi leashes, or to slip one poi through the other paracord loop for instant chucks!


You have the option of adding flowmass for extra weight.

  • Each mass adds 30g to your vision prop.
  • You can add up to 2x mass for each spin16 unit.

Capsule 2.0 Remote - Retractable Reel

This kit includes a capsule 2.0 remote, which is super useful for navigating and performing more complex functions that require a lot of button presses, especially for several props at once! Plus it’s fun to hand the remote to someone else, while you’re spinning, so they can VJ your modes.

You have the option of adding a super nifty retractable reel to your capsule remote. The reel features 22" of steel wire and an activated laser cut wooden super f sticker. The capsule remote without the reel already comes with a flowtoys mini-carabiner, so you can easily attach it to a belt loop or your backpack, but the reel gives you some extra security and freedom - like letting new friends VJ with your remote without worrying about it going home with them by accident ;)

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