capsule handle v2 conversion kit

capsule handle v2 conversion kit

Already have capsule lights? Convert your capsule lights into capsule handles with these super customized 3D-printed shells & leashes with buttery-smooth 100% solid stainless steel swivels! This new design also enables the capsule light to be modular, so you can switch your lights between rigs.

1-week lead time: We're printing more capsule handle shells now. If you order now, we might not be able to ship out for another week.

Sold as a pair. Capsule lights not included.

What You'll Get

Our complete redesign of the capsule handle shell gives you more durability, modularity, ease-of-use and a built-in knob for comfort. Paired with 6mm smithy leash with stainless steel swivels, you have everything you need to turn a capsule light into the best lit handle for gunslingers & tosses!


  • all new 3D-printed capsule handle shell with built-in knob handle
  • capsule charging port slot in shell - no need to remove the case to charge your light
  • shell features custom geometric art deco designs by Sean & Prisna - looks good whether your lights are on or off
  • 6mm braided smithy cord is supple & smooth with no stretch - ideal for precision and durability
  • 100% solid stainless steel swivel for super smooth rotation & modified split ring for easy capsule light installation
  • each leash comes with o-rings for secure capsule light attachment, with option to add more o-rings
Features & Tech Specs

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