club cap - magnetic flux

club cap - magnetic flux

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Vision clubs with magnetic knobs and caps? Yes please!

Magnetic flux caps and knobs enable you to explore new manipulation techniques and blow minds!

There are many potential combinations of polarity possible, but most of them would require keeping track of which club is which. To make them universal, we have chosen South pole for the the caps, which are not reversible and recommend North for knobs, which are reversible, so all caps attract all knobs, but repel each other, so you can not connect cap to cap, but the all-north knobs DO attract each other quite well on the sides and you can even hang 3 clubs by their knobs from the knob of a fourth!

While they are designed for maximum flux (magnetic force), there is a compromise in weight and ease of use. Please see the Tech Specs / Features section below for details.

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

You'll receive:

  • 1x magnetic flux club cap
Features & Tech Specs


  • firm TPU rubber cap with easy button and USB access
  • water resistant (not submersible)
  • user serviceable

Magnetic Flux

Flowtoys magnetic flux club caps are designed for maximum flux (magnetic force), with a compromise in weight and ease of use.

  • The magnetic cap weighs 21g vs the standard cap is 7g.
  • Installing the magnetic cap is significantly harder - we recommend pushing the cap down on a table and massaging/rolling the club into it.
  • Pressing the button is significantly harder and has a less consistent feel.
  • We highly recommend a capsule remote for use with clubs with magnetic caps. You can still do all the normal navigation through the cap with some practice/effort, but it is harder. 

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