contact staff handle w/ grip and woodcore

contact staff handle w/ grip and woodcore

Add tube connectors and staff end tubes and voila -- you've got yourself a handy collapsible contact staff! These tubes come with an internal woodcore that makes the staff stiffer and has clear elastomer grip to make the handle grippy.

  • Contact staff handles are measured in flowlight lengths (denoted 'F'). F does not stand for feet!
  • 0.5F = each 0.5F fits half a tube connector

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

You'll get:

  • 1x polycarbonate tube with internal woodcore and clear elastomer grip - available in a variety of lengths
Features & Tech Specs


  • Made of polycarbonate - the most durable clear plastic available
  • Custom extruded to meet our specs within 5/1000ths of an inch
  • Durable - solid feel - 1" diameter
  • Elastomer grip & internal woodcore with holographic decorative tape gives you a grippy, stiff collapsible staff handle suitable for contact staff flow

Modular System Features

Flowtoys tubes and flowcaps are highly modular and interchangeable. Twist off your flowcaps and add them to poi, martial flow and other staff rigs. Save money and get to play with many different props.

Tech Specs

  • Diameter: 1" outer | 7/8" inner
  • Material: Polycarbonate tube, custom elastomer grip, internal wood core with holographic deco tape

Contact Staff Handle Length Options

We offer a variety of "contact staff handle" tube lengths. Listed below are the lengths of the tubes offered and the overall length of the contact staff that these tubes will make.

If you have 3.5F tubes for your staff ends (6-light staff):

Contact handle tube length Overall staff length with 3.5F ends + flowcaps
3F tube 132 cm, 52"
3.5F tube  138 cm, 54.3"
4F tube 144.4 cm, 56.85"
4.5F tube 150.3 cm, 59.2"
5F tube 156.5 cm, 61.6"

If you have 4.5F tubes for your staff ends (8-light staff):

Contact handle tube length Overall staff length with 4.5F ends + flowcaps
3F tube 156.5 cm, 61.6"
3.5F tube  162.5 cm, 64"
4F tube 169 cm, 66.5"
4.5F tube 174.9 cm, 68.85"
5F tube 181.2 cm, 71.3"

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