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Staff spinning is both simple and complex, straightforward and nuanced. There are a multitude of styles and variations of staff manipulation, including single staff, contact staff, dragon staff, staff juggling, and multi-staff manipulation. Wherever your staff journey takes you, technique will take you farther.

We offer a range of instructional DVDs, downloadable videos, and a book that offer high-quality instruction. One of our favorite learning resources features Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer Srikanta Barefoot - this digital download takes you from basic patterns & techniques to intermediate patterns, moves & sequences - a great learning tool for beginners and intermediate spinners. be inspired

Though staff spinning may be the most ancient and broad of the flow arts, the widely available free tutorials that poi spinners enjoy aren’t so widely available for the multitude of staff techniques. So we’ve gathered some inspirational videos for you below, along with our favorite instructional resources. We’re working on a series of introductory staff videos just for you. Stay tuned!

be inspired - no sweat

be inspired - johny douglas

be inspired - rollin’ with the flow

be inspired - pheraileen

be inspired - arcane