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  • Dancing with the Fire Staff

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    Dancing with the Fire Staff is an instructional video featuring Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer Srikanta Barefoot. From basic patterns & techniques to intermediate patterns, moves & sequences, Dancing with the Fire Staff is a stand-alone tool for both beginners & experienced fire artists alike.

    With over 150 minutes of video, this DVD is a great source for learning and inspiration:

    • 16 instructional chapters
    • 4 choreography sections
    • soundtracked play & experimentation times
    • plus interviews & performances of top fire artists from around the world
  • training grid tapestry

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    Super awesome Training Grids are here! Great for poi, clubs, double staffs, fans, wands, and more. Get your planes clean, be inspired to flow, move and manipulate your props in different ways.

    100% Made in the USA - Kansas, where Superman grew up.

  • First Contact: Beginner's Contact Staff Book

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    Unleash your contact staff flow with First Contact: Beginner's Contact Staff, a new instructional book by Chazz Parham, renowned UK contact staff artist and teacher. First Contact breaks down nine basic contact moves into simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by over 100 clear illustrations.

    The book is aimed at absolute beginners, but it's also useful for more experienced contact staff spinners to gain a deeper understanding of these foundational moves.

  • Staff Groove Basics DVD

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    Brought to you by Fire Groove, this instructional DVD presents the basics of staff spinning in a clear and accessible format with over 30 moves and transitions explained in detail.

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