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Master the modern levitation wand dance! Explore movement, space and rhythm, while improving your grace, coordination and focus with this fresh take on the magician's dancing cane.

Featuring Prisna von Stade, creator of the flow-wand® and modern levi-wand dance, and Aileen Lawlor, world-renowned flow artist, Flow-wand Fundamentals brings you the world's first comprehensive learning resource on the modern levitation wand.

Join us for over 1hr 20 minutes of instructions, practices, inspiration clips and troubleshooting tips covering three popular wand styles and techniques: short string, long string and double wand. You can also save by getting a wand & DVD bundle!

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Below are 3 tutorials covering the basics to help you get familiar with your wand, and get a feel for the balance and movement necessary to maintain the illusion of levitation. If you'd like to learn more, you can order the whole DVD, with over 1hr 20 minutes of instructions, practices and tips on short-string, long-string and double wand.

getting started

Welcome to the wonderful world of the flow-wand! Learn about the basic styles of wand manipulation, get to know your wand, learn basic terminology, and get some tips for avoiding common problems with this video.


Leading is a fundamental way of moving with the wand. It is the basis of almost all levitation wand moves, including stalls and circles.



Circles are a foundational wand movement that allow you to explore planes and add dimension and character to your wand dance.