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The toroflux is one of the few flowtoys offerings that we did not invent. We did however bring it from relative obscurity to worldwide popularity. It's the 21st century slinky. Math and physics geeks, novelty shoppers, high-design types, new-age esoterics, your boss, your mom and all her grandkids - everyone instantly falls in love with the toroflux.

We were first introduced to this amazing toy through Dai Zaobab. Dai had a couple of torofluxes and amazed us with them at a party one day, but he couldn't remember what they were called or where to get them. We tried hunting them down, then pretty much the same time Dai remembered the name, we found the source. We contacted the inventor Valett in Germany and placed a wholesale order. After several orders, it became apparent that he could not meet our demand, which was not all that big at the time. We could have just made it ourselves without telling Valett, but we wanted to honor his family's art and invention, and worked out an exclusive license agreement to manufacture and distribute them.

We launched the toroflux online in 2010 and by 2013, the product was so popular that it was counterfeited in its entirety. Not just the toroflux, but our packaging and toroflux logo, our product description and video. Several companies in the US importing the counterfeits have changed the name, but have piggybacked on our marketing and even won some accolades from it. We'd like to feel flattered, but it's been a pretty big problem and the counterfeits are shoddily made. We've had warranty incidences with the counterfeits finding their way to us, have found that they perform poorly and have rusty spots. In 2014, Valett assigned all toroflux IP rights to flowtoys, so that we can pursue protection for it and continue to ensure quality and honor the inventor and invention. Since then Fun in Motion toys has licensed it to make their version called the "mozi" and "glozi". Please help by purchasing genuine torofluxes from Flowtoys or Fun in Motion. Get yours here.