Fusion F3 Fire Dragon Adapter Kit

Fusion F3 Fire Dragon Adapter Kit

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Made by Threeworlds of Australia, this kit brings you the world's lightest, most convenient, fastest-setup fire dragon staff.

The Fusion F3 Fire Dragon is the peak of dragon staff engineering, designed to let you simply twist the hubs on and off by hand - it really couldn't be easier. The adapter integrates Fusion's patented quick release connector with a super lightweight, 3 spoke dragon hub. 

Compatible with the Threeworlds collapsible fusion shafts we offer and flowtoys 22mm carbon fiber shafts.

Sold as a set.

What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • 2 x F3 dragon hubs 
  • 6 x sushi roll fire wicks 
  • 1 x allen key


  • Twist your dragon on/off by hand 
  • Sets up in seconds 
  • Solid and rattle-free 
  • Lightweight - ideal for travel 
  • Precision engineered 7075 Aluminum Fits 22mm (OD) x 19.1mm (ID)
  • Staff Note: To insert the F3 Hub your staff must not have end caps. 
  •  Authentic Dupont Kevlar™ Wicks
Features & Tech Specs

Weight: 340grams each

Spoke length: 85cm (7.25”) from center of hub


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